Continuous Improvement Plans from Scratch

A key to a quality educational program is a clear, concise, and systematic continuous improvement plan. However, sometimes it’s not clear where to start or how to use the information once the plan is implemented. In this session, attendees will receive pointers on how to start, structure, and implement a continuous improvement plan. Learning Objectives… Read more »

Generative Artificial Intelligence: A Double-Edged Sword

Despite the advancements that have come out of the artificial intelligence (AI) boom and subsequent generative AI race, there are a significant number of problems under the surface. With the rise of AI generators in social media and pop culture, these problems amplify as the demand for AI tools skyrockets. These solutions regularly exhibit harmful… Read more »

Meeting Outcomes While Making an Impact in the World: Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) Model for Community-Engaged Learning

Opportunities to meet a wide range of learning outcomes that can be challenging to meet in traditional courses may lie within our local and global communities.  Community-engaged learning places students in partnerships with organizations within a community to develop solutions together to meet compelling human and sustainability needs within a broad range of communities.  The… Read more »

ABET Certificate Recognition – Beyond the Pilots

Certificates and other micro-credentials are rapidly evolving to meet learner and employer needs. These credentials provide opportunities for learners to gain up-to-date skills to stay current or to move into emerging areas. Also, many non-traditional learners are looking to these credentials as a faster and cheaper alternative to 2 or 4-year degrees. However, due to… Read more »

AI and Higher Education Around the World – Evolution and Revolution?

Join University World News on a journey around the globe, through the eyes of our expert commentators and correspondents, exploring how universities are responding to the rise of generative AI, to ethical challenges and assessment opportunities, and the AI race to lead the world of science.

Ethical Dimensions of AI: Navigating Inclusive Transformations in Education and the Future of Work

This session will focus on the unique opportunities and ethical considerations presented by artificial intelligence (AI) in reshaping education, social contacts & belonging, and the evolving landscape of future work. In alignment with ABET’s mission and the core values of Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA), the symposium seeks to explore the ethics of AI… Read more »

Discussion Den: Ask Me Anything – Interdisciplinary Perspectives of Accreditation

The Interdisciplinary Perspectives of Accreditation Ask Me Anything Discussion Den provides a platform for high-level academic discourse. This is a special invitation for key administrative and faculty such as deans of arts and sciences or directors of technology that are involved in interdisciplinary roles merging social sciences and technology, to engage in a dialectical exploration… Read more »

The Impact of ABET Accreditation in the Engineering Education of Colombia

Nowadays, 54 engineering programs are accredited in Colombia by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, compared with 6 programs back in 2008, and many are in preparation for their initial review. An increasing interest in pursuing ABET accreditation has been evidenced, mainly due to recognition of the EAC criteria as a source of quality for… Read more »

Embedding DEI: Preparing a Diverse and Inclusive Next Generation Workforce

The general criteria for accrediting engineering programs have evolved to incorporate the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as related to faculty and the curriculum. This workshop will engage participants in meaningful dialogue to prepare for the new accreditation process. We will explore best and promising practices to develop a blueprint and a roadmap… Read more »