Jason Racette

Jason G. Racette is the current Chair of the Applied and Natural Science Accreditation Commission. He is a member of the National Society of Professional Surveyors and serves as the NSPS ABET Committee Chair. Racette is a registered professional surveyor in several New England states and is the Vice President of the Department of Land… Read more »

Mary Leigh Wolfe

Mary Leigh Wolfe, Ph.D., is Professor in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering (BSE) at Virginia Tech. She served as head of the BSE department for eight and a half years (from December 2009 through June 2018). Wolfe has been an active volunteer and leader in ABET for more than 25 years, serving as program… Read more »

Michael K. J. Milligan

Michael K. J. Milligan is the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of ABET, the global accreditor of over 4,300 college and university programs in applied and natural science, computing, engineering and engineering technology. Prior to joining ABET in 2009, Milligan was a systems director at the Aerospace Corporation, leading a team at the NASA… Read more »

Randal Keller

Dr. Randal Keller has been a Murray State faculty member in the department of Occupational Safety and Health since 1996 and currently is the Jesse D. Jones Endowed Professor of the College of Science. He earned his Ph.D. and Master of Science degrees in toxicology from Utah State University and his Bachelor of Arts in… Read more »

Joe Sussman

As chief accreditation officer and chief information officer since 2011, Joe Sussman leads ABET’s global accreditation operations, collaborating with the organization’s volunteer leadership in both tactical execution and strategic development of ABET’s accreditation practice. Previously, he spent 26 years as an engineering leader and senior business executive at Bayer AG, leading many of the company’s… Read more »

Jane Emmet

Jane Emmet has been responsible for the management and administration of ABET’s accreditation policies and procedures and the overall operations of ABET’s accreditation processes since November, 2015. She joined ABET in January of 2014 as the Training Manager responsible for the training of the over 2,000 volunteer professionals who serve ABET. Her background, prior to… Read more »

Sherri Hersh

Sherri Hersh has been with ABET for nearly 16 years. Originally a member of the ECEI (Engineering Credentials Evaluation International) team, she joined the Accreditation Department in late 2006 when ABET decided to undertake accreditation activities for programs outside the U.S. In just over 13 years, Hersh has seen ABET’s international market grow to accredit… Read more »

Lorraine Fleming

Lorraine Fleming is a Professor of Civil Engineering at Howard University. She received her bachelor’s degree from Howard University and her doctoral degree from University of California, Berkeley. Fleming has been involved in ABET accreditation since 1999 and has served as an ASCE Program Evaluator (PEV), and an EAC Team Chair Commissioner. She currently serves… Read more »

Karen Tarnoff

Dr. Karen J. Tarnoff is the Associate Dean for Assurance of Learning, Assessment and International Programs for the College of Business and Technology at East Tennessee State University. In this capacity, she coordinates the assessment of student learning outcomes across seven diverse departments (Accountancy; Economics and Finance; Management and Marketing; Computing; Military Science; Engineering, Engineering… Read more »

Winston Erevelles

Winston Erevelles is a Professor of Engineering and the Dean of the School of Science, Engineering and Technology at St. Mary’s University. As the chief academic and administrative officer, he is responsible for the school’s academic programs, furthering education innovations and building the school’s national and international reputation. To date, Erevelles has helped raise $36… Read more »